House Rosala

House Rosala is one of Westcrown’s oldest noble houses. Throughout the centuries they took care to never take sides and profit from all factions, making the House also one of the wealthiest n the city.
The Rosala family is known for their devotion to alchemy and their expertise in crafting potions. While this makes them one of Westcrown’s premier magical families, they also dabble in more mundane trade as they own vast vinyards in the South.

In the last weeks this house has become the target of at least one break-in, but Lidia Rosala, the current head of the family refuses to talk about it.

The house recently made headlines when it sponsored the construction of a martial academy on the Regicona known as Rosala House of Arms. It is to be headed by House Rosala’s Master of Arms, Gregor Kaldaro. The building project is headed by the Rosala majordomo, Illandrio Barro.

Beholden Houses

House Rosala

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