Raiding the Raiders

or Whitechin's end

As a new day dawned on the greatest city in Cheliax, illuminating the crumbling walls in golden autumn light, a band of unlikely allies was fighting goblins in an abandoned wizard’s tower in the ruined part of the city, Parego Dospera. On the second floor they had just cleaned out a goblin ambush.
Next they walked upstairs, holding their weapons ready, only to find an empty room, with goblin blankets scattered about. A mixture of sweat, goblin leavings, and goblinoid food permeated the air, adding up to a fetid stink.

On the next level though, the ratfolk brothers triggered a trap, but managed to avoid the acid arrow aimed just above their heads. Following the arrow, a nearby door flew open and crossbow bolts clattered against the wall as goblin archers released their dogs. In the ensuing fight the rat brothers took point while their companions threw alchemist bombs and spells at their attackers. With the snarl among them the goblins and their dogs quickly went down, shouting for help.

Suddenly the top door of the tower flew open and a large goblin with a white beard and an impressive armor charged down the stairs, attacking Morvius. At the same time two more goblins came up from behind and a further archer peered down the hatch. With an impressive fiery breath attack from the gnome, Morvius’ spirited defense and the Snarl’s deadly attacks the fight was over quickly. With the goblin threat gone the adventurers searched through the tower, finding the goblins’ ill-gotten gains and their surprisingly well-made weapons. Indeed it seemed as if their weapons were human-made by the same smithy. It seemed as if the goblins had some outside support for their caravan raids…

With the sun now high in the sky the adventurers returned to Nerchio’s mansion in the Parego Spera to nurse their wounds and wash off the fight’s grime.



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